Youtube tips and tricks- enjoy new features while watching videos

Ahh- YouTube here we will tell you YouTube has really extended itself this is a place where many videos creators are making informative and highly entertaining videos on many topics.

As many of the smartphone users are using Youtube, here we will discuss so many tips and tricks, that the most recent round of updates has brought to the video hosting and streaming service.

Youtube tips and tricks:

Here are some tips and tricks, we will tell you in this article.

Double tap to jump forward or back:



This is the very good feature in youtube, now but with the latest update to the mobile and tablet app for Android and iOS, Google has finally officially included it.

When playing a video, you can now double tap on either the left or right side of the video to jump forward or backward by 10 seconds.

Moreover, double tap on the left side to jump backward and double tap on the right side of the video to jump forwards.

This is how this feature works. This is the very useful feature I hope you also like it.

Live stream yourself

It is another useful feature, with this update, you can just tap on the little video icon in the app and start streaming the feed live on the Internet.

Live streaming is only allowed if you are a video creator and having at least 10,000 subscribers.

Download and watch videos offline:

The best and outstanding feature in youtube, downloading and watching allows you to download most YouTube videos, and then watch it later.

You can watch the video for up to 48 hours, after that the app will have to go online to validate the video.

I hope you like the whole article and the tips and tricks, for more information and latest updates about different phones and much more.


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