WhatsApp now supports two-step verification?

Whatsapp is an instant messaging application; with WhatsApp, you can send multiple messages and much more. here in this article, we will discuss WhatsApp now supports two-step verification.

WhatsApp now supports two-step verification:



WhatsApp has come out two-step verification to its entire user base, the company quietly announced through an updated FAQ on its website.

The security measure allows you to protect your account with the 6-digit code you have to enter in order to register yourself with WhatsApp.

These security measures allow you to protect your account from unauthorized access, as this provides additional security of your WhatsApp.

Once this security is enabled, any attempt you do that required verifying your WhatsApp through a password.

You can also verify your account through email address. But this is possible.

you forget your passcode, your email that will allow you to disable the two-step verification to access WhatsApp.

your number will not be allowed to change your WhatsApp within 7 days of last using WhatsApp without your passcode.

The feature will available to WhatsApp beta testers this November, but this is now available for 1.2 billion users.

You can change it by yourself from Settings, go to Account,nextTwo-step verification and then Enable.

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