Whatsapp new features for iPhone users:

Whatsapp is a messaging application, people all over the world use WhatsApp now a day if we talk about android and iOS, these two operating systems have different WhatsApp application feature.

its updates its application for iPhone user, here in this article we will discuss Whatsapp new features.

Whatsapp new features:



As we have discussed earlier in this article WhatsApp update, WhatsApp for iPhone has received an update that includes different effective features for users.

The change includes, the videos and images limit increase now it is 30 at a time, and this is huge.

And the capability to line up messages, this feature takes sometimes to be available for the android user.

The latest WhatsApp version 2.17.1 is now available for download to all iPhone users (running iOS 7 or higher). The update size is just 91.2MB.

How to queue WhatsApp messages without the Internet on iPhone:

Now, you can queue WhatsApp message if you have no internet connection or poor connectivity, once it finds the connectivity this will send it automatically.

This feature is already available for the android user.

WhatsApp new feature -increases media sharing limit:

Whatsapp trying to increase the limit of media sharing, it is on the testing unit for android, but for iPhone user, it first arrives.

Now iPhone user sent up to 30 media file at a time.

 WhatsApp new feature- makes Storage Usage screen better:

On the other hand, Storage Usage allows to see which chatting is consuming more memory and to delete the content of that chat in order to create a room for others as well.

WhatsApp now lets you choose message types, like videos, text, images, GIFs, voice messages from specific chats, to delete exactly what you want and keep the rest.

To use this feature go to Settings -> Data and Storage Usage -> Storage Usage on your iPhone and clear all.

WhatsApp is also working on bringing up the capability to allow users to cancel or edit messages that you have already send to your contacts.

Hoping you like all the updates and after reading it you must update your phone, but if you are the android user you should wait till then WhatsApp updates for android users. For the latest news visit our blog.


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