How whatsApp become successful and gradually growing?

Whatsapp is the most used application; it is the best because it has enormous features. These features attract users and audience to use this application, and that’s why it has millions of user. Whatsapp becomes the biggest instant messaging application on iOS. Here we will let you know about How WhatsApp become successful and gradually growing.

WhatsApp becomes successful and gradually growing.

Here are the factors that drove WhatsApp’s become successful and gradually growing.



It was one of the first viral application.

Have you ever seen a WhatsApp ad? I haven’t. But I have seen that the people are all the time talking about this amazing new app.

The onboarding process was so frictionless it was virtually non-existent.

it is associated with the existing contacts network was a stroke of genius, and was complemented by one of the quickest download-to-value mobile experiences.

moreover , It has No useless features.

no redundant user flows. Users send texts to share video or images. Without being limited. WhatsApp did one thing best.

All of the above meant that user acquisition was filthy cheap.

Furthermore, Customer costs are one of the biggest things. But WhatsApp was virtually distributing itself.

The first iOS versions were paid.

remember paying $0.99 to download WhatAapp? It was the first and only app I paid for in the first years of using iPhone.

These are the few factors, I hope you got it for more information and latest update visits our website latest mobile and for the latest news visit our blog.


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