“What is Artificial Intelligence of computers – a role of artificial intelligence in the modern worl

“What is Artificial Intelligence of computers – a role of artificial intelligence in the modern world this is mainly occurring on latest mobile-the knowledge sharing platform here listed question is answered by our community in a unique way”…!!!

What is artificial intelligence?

However, It is a branch of the computer that deals with the devices or computer that work and behave like the human, these computers have the power to take decisions and simply work like human beings.

What is the Artificial intelligence of computer?

These are the devices that are capable enough to take decisions same as humans, these are work on different fields, these computers are called fifth generation computers thy can give you suggestions as well and do lots more they can be your personal assistant or talk with you as a chat bot.

Applications of Artificial intelligence in a modern world:

The application of artificial intelligence of computers in different industries includes these:

  • Medical sciences.
  • In heavy industries.
  • Online and customer services.
  • In automobiles.
  • Real games.



As these are the different industries but how these industries are using these we will tell you in this section.

Medical sciences:

As this AI is these days are mostly used in medical sciences, there are even robots available that can operate.

  • Mining medical records to provide more useful information
  • Make treatment plans
  • Provide consultations like doctor
  • Drug making

In heavy industries:

Artificial Intelligence of computers In the industrial manufacturing the AI is mainly used, here are some applications of this field: the tasks that contain a risk of life are performed by robots nowadays so these robots are really helpful of us.

Online and customer services:

On the different website, we have found the customer services Artificial Intelligence of computers, this is now replaced by robots or chatbot, these chatbot talks with you like human do and help you out if you need help.

In automobiles:

Artificial Intelligence of computers in the transportation you can find the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, the Google self-driving car is the best example for you people to understand the usage of AI in automobiles industries.


Real games:

Artificial Intelligence of computers In the games and even advance level toys you can find the AI implementation there, video games bot is the example in the field of games there are many but we are not discussing here.


 In the field of aviation, in this field of aviation then they used for making things efficient, their airplanes, and aircraft as well.


There are many companies that are used some AI algorithms to post things on social media like their blog post to analyze large amounts of data, it learns how specific audiences respond to different articles at different times of the day.

What do you think can computer demonstrate Full AI?

No, up till there is no computer available which is capable of demonstrating full AI, robotics, computers are now widely used in assembly plants, but they are capable only of very limited tasks. Robots have difficulty identifying the objects based on appearance or feel, and they still shift and handle objects ineptly.



AI specialization:

These are the field of AI specialization below.


Computers are use to see and hear and to react.

Neural networks:

Systems that simulate intelligence by attempting to reproduce the types of physical connections that occur in brains.

Games playing:

Computers to play games in the against of human opponents.

Expert systems:

Further, Programming computers that are able to take decision in real-life situations

Natural language:

Programming computers to understand natural human languages, such as Google voice search or Siri. These are works on natural language processing.

The artificial intelligence of computer in next generation:

What do you think how the next generation computers work on Artificial intelligence?  According to me, they are more capable than they are right now, they use their CPU like human brains they are more intelligent they can even take a part in the war too. They can win games, they can do much more.



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