What are the biggest problems with cyber security and how to manage these?

First, let me tell you about what is cyber security? In technology cyber security refers to processes and those scrutinize designed which is used to protect networks, program, and computer devices and the most crucial thing data from damage or unauthorized access. In a computing framework, there are two types of security:

  • Physical security.
  • Cyber security.

As cyber security is the very vital issue according to me as being in an IT field. What do you people think what are the biggest problems with cyber security? Do you think it is the biggest issue now a day? If not for you! You must don’t know about it, what is cyber security or you might be kidding…..!!!!

This is so far most frequently asked questions now-a-days, it because cyber attacks are more common now-a-days and this will harm someone’s data, software, websites and more. We have seen this issue daily on the news channel and the company who is affected by the cyber attack is apologizing about their information and for private data like emails, pictures and lots more.



In the first section of our blog post, we will discuss problems with cyber security,

What are the problems with cyber security?

In this part, we will discuss what are the risks of cyber security, check it out.

  • Better end-user education.
  • Mobile Payment and Banking Hacks
  • Security awareness while developing software.
  • Using wireless connections.

Better end-user education:

We need to educate our user to use the secure password, it because of most systems is only as secure as the behavior of the people using them. Bad people exploit this by taking advantage of weak passwords and software by using sophisticated methods. Companies really need to get exact in security training for employees at the beginners level.



Mobile Payment and Banking Hacks:

As people are using online mobile payment and banking hacks. Every online communication is vulnerable, even mobile and online payments. We have found that millions of attack daily. It’s that the securities qualified are mix up to steady before it split open.



Security awareness while developing software:

As people spend their four years in doing CS and not once they are not even able to write a perfect, efficient and secure code, although they can even write efficient code but they won’t be able to write a secured code. This is another issue we need to provide Security awareness while developing software.



Using wireless connections:

As wireless connections that we used, if we are not outside, we use the wireless connections that are not secured with WPS or any other.

There are so many issues but we can solve these by providing awareness on the higher level and support the people who get into this cyber security field.



In the second part, we will discuss how to manage problems with cyber security.

How to manage cyber security issues?

In this part, we will discuss if you have issues with cyber security how to manage and solve all these.

  • Recognize and estimate risks.
  • Reveal risks and strategies.
  • Execute, observe and revise.



Recognize and estimate risks:

Prevention is the best way to go if you want are serious against cyber threats, first, we need to figure out what are the risks we have and identify all these, once you do that start working on your vulnerabilities and make it strong so that we can gradually overcome it.



Reveal risks and strategies:

Once you reveal the risk and strategies, you need to tell your employees and tell them what to do in the case of an attack, we need to communicate with employee provide awareness and training seminars within the organizations. As this is not the issue of IT, but it also affects the whole world.



Execute, observe and revise:

First, once you recognize and estimate risk, then you need to execute, observe and revise your strategies. You need to implement your strategies, make sure these strategies will work or not and revise those.



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