Twitter user’s Good news- now you have more muting options:

If we talk about twitter, it is the second largest social media platform and has so many users that are not fake even though. The best part of twitter you can not found any fake account on it. It’s authentic and people loved it and they tweet about it. Here in this post of us, we will go to discuss Twitter user’s Good news- now you have more muting options.  Now you have more muting options:  Let’s start the discus, first of all, twitter found abuse on its platform that is unbearable so now twitter user found more control as twitter now provide muting options.  Moreover, what user wants to mute in the content what’s not, it now depends on the user choice.  Furthermore, changes that twitter user has control on when this update goes lives user will find different filtering options in twitter platform.  The filters depend on different parameters that include it can be if the users have no profile picture, or ones that haven’t verified account.  These are the important filter options that you find in the upcoming release, I hope you like this now you have more muting options on twitter.  For more information about different social media platform and many mobile updates visit our blog.


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