TrackR -Track Your Car Using Your Smartphone

Does this happen to you that you forgot where you parked your car? It happened that you go for shopping, grocery or for dinner as well. And then when your back and you forgot and even though you don’t find any clue. The technology is moving so fast now we there we have a Small Device to Track Your Car Using Your Smartphone. How? Here in this article, we will tell you.

The creator of this device is it is a California-based startup company makes this possible for us. They created Small Device to Track Your Car Using Your Smartphone, and this is what you’re looking for!



What is that?

The device named as TrackR. It is a tracking device, it changes the way we track things in our lives.

How this TrackR track your car using your smartphone works?

It is so easy all you have to do is just install the app TrackR, and then connect this with the small TrackR device, and then you are ready to go.

The entire process of setting takes 5 min or less.

You can join it to your keys, folder case, wallet, your most recent tech devices and whatever else you would prefer not to lose.

At that point utilize the TrackR application to find your missing thing in seconds.

Forgot about the GPS system, no one like to pay on these tracking systems on monthly basis. This is the one-time investment.

The reason of making this TrackR is to track your car using your smartphone.

Keep in mind that? Placed this TrackR device in your, hide it in the seats of the car or you can place on the floor mats as well.

In the case that if you overlook where you stopped your car or where you parked it, take out your cell phone and open the TrackR application.

Click on the “lost thing” symbol on the screen and the application will let you know the correct directions of the last known area of the TrackR.

Here are the steps to install TrackR -Track Your Car Using Your Smartphone:



Get TrackR from the company’s website.

Connect TrackR with your Smartphone (iPhone or Android) and place next to the thing.

Download the free app and always have in hand of your important things.

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