Top 10 Message Sending Apps- Key Features of Message Apps

Top 10 message sending application this is largely occurring on latest mobile-the knowledge sharing forum here listed question is answered by people creatively.

Messaging application are very desirable by many people, we use these applications by chatting it is a communication tool. The usual SMS text message is very famous, mainly we have to blast of known, and they are very easy to use.

These apps include Whatsapp, Viber, Line, Send, BBM, and Google hangout there are many like these. Through this, you can send file, photos, video and voice note.



Top 10 message sending application:

There are many messages sending application we will tell you about “Top 10 message sending application”.

  • iMessage
  • LINE
  • SEND
  • BBM


It is the top messaging application, which is used widely all around the world, it is the free app. You can enjoy this whatsapp application on both android and on ios.

A feature of whatsapp:

Send files like doc, pdf, spreadsheet, and ppt.

Send voice note.

Make voice and video call.

Send texts, photos, videos.

Upload stories, status.

Fully encrypted.

Emojis, and gifts.




 It is same like whatsapp and other messaging application, this is specially designed for the iPhone user, iPhone users don’t need to install it they have built in their device. But for an android user, they need to download this from Google play store.

A feature of imessage:

Send text, photos, and video.

Link previews.

Drawing directly.

Play games inside iMessage.

How to send reactions.

Send stickers.


Make a call.

Fully secure




Viber is also a communication tool, through which you can communicate with friends and family, and enjoy it, it is the free application. This is for both android and ios.

A feature of Viber:

Send text, photos, and videos.

Send emojis.

Make a call video and voice.

Fully secure.

Send files.




Facebook is social media platform, but facebook has its stand-alone facebook messaging application, it is a free app for android and ios user, here are the feature below.

Features of facebook messenger:

 Make voice and video.

Send videos, text, and photos.

Send files.

Fully encrypted.




It is an amazing application; it is a communication tool through which you can chat with your friends and family and much more. It is a free application you can use on both android and ios.

Features of the telegram:

 End to end encryptions.

Send videos, text, and photos.

Make groups.

You can send files.

You can share videos, documents and participate in group chats of up to 200 users.




It is also just like whatsapp, it is used to communicate with friend and family, it is a free application. You can use this application on both ios and android as well.

A feature of a line:

Send videos, text, and photos.

Location sharing feature.

Send files.

It is an encrypted application.

You can send stickers and emojis.

Make a paid international call.




It is an official messaging application by blackberry, but android users and ios can use it, it is a free application.

Features of BBM:

It is an encrypted application.

Send file.

Send text, videos, and photos.

A PIN system allows you to share your BBM contacts without having to share phone or email details.




It is message sending apps, communication tool with which you can chat with your friends and family, it is powered by Google, it is built-in available on Google devices.

A feature of Google hangout.

Send text, videos, and photos.

Change theme.

Send file.

It is encrypted.

You can send emojis and stickers.




It is message sending apps, it is same as the other messaging applications, you can use it on both android and ios.

A feature of what:

 Send text, videos, and photos.

You can check nearby friends.

You can send Stickers.

You can make voice and video call.



Hope you got this application Top 10 message sending apps- key features of message apps, for more information about different apps and smartphone iPhone listing visit our website Latest Mobile.


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