Snap chat tips and trick- so here it is:

Snap chat allows you to interact with your friend and friendly you can view Live Stories from around the world, and explore news in Discover. Now you can enjoy every single moment. Here in this tutorial, we will tell you some amazing snapchat tips and tricks.

Snap chat tips and trick:



Here are some outstanding tips and tricks you can enjoy with snapchat.

Edit picture by using different color:

The first trick which I am going to tell you is how you can edit your picture, by going color pallet which you can find on the left side, to change the color you need to drag your finger and in this way you can find whatever color you want.

Unlimited text:

Another tip is how you can make the unlimited text in you snapchat, so for that go to the note and create a note and  over there enter few times, then select it and paste it into snapchat so it gives you bigger canvas.

Easily add someone:

Third and most important thing how you can easily add someone on snapchat, so for that you need to put your phone on person’s logo and capture the logo.

Make the unlimited video:

Furthermore, another trick is how you can make the long video on snapchat, hold button and double-click on the home button, this will take you to the app switcher, and over there you can see the video is going on.

Send you photo:

The last trick is you can send you picture to anyone, just select the picture and click on the send button, this will show you different application through which you can send you picture, over there go to more option there you can find snapchat option select that and then select the contact, in this way you can send your picture.

Here is the video as well so if you have any problem, you can clear it by watching the video, attached below. For more information and updates related to apps, technology and Smartphone you can go to our blog as well.


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