Nokia 3310 prelaunch with amazing look and new feature

Nokia is a big brand, and if we talk about its phones, people loved Nokia phone because they valued their customer and Nokia provides quality to the user, the most loved phone is Nokia 3310. It is all time favorite phones for Nokia lovers.

Nokia 3310 feature here:



Nokia decides to relaunch this phone with the latest design and different feature.

With the original device a major hit thanks to its simplicity, the phone has long battery life and incredible durability.

Any successor will need to be something truly special to replace the original Nokia 3310.

The video shows an all-new Nokia 3310 that has received a major technological and hardware.

The design that is 14mm thick, the new Nokia 3310 is updated for modern consumers with a number of extra features.

There’s also a built-in FM radio, the ability to create your own ringtone, and charging via micro-USB.

The video speculates that the new Nokia 3310 would come with 8GB internal memory and a 1650mAh battery.

That would provide the much-loved long battery life between 55 and 235 hours on standby.

As it is only a concept, you cannot find any clue regarding price.

As well as release date or specific hardware for the new device, but we could find out all the details sooner.

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