New iOS Software Update- Extensive Features Available here to Explore

What is iOS and what is it stands for?

iOS is an operating system designed by apple company, and only support apple products the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad are iOS devices.

What is it stands? For it’s basically iPhone operating system, it is priority operating system having dynamic features.



Apple iOS is standing on the Mac OS operating system specially designed for desktop and laptop computers.

History of iOS software:

Here in this post, we will tell you about History of iOS software, the initial stage when they start developing it.

In the June 2007, we saw the official first version that releases version 1.1.5

First Version 1.1.5

Second Version 2.2.1

ThirdVersion 3.1.3

Fourth Version 4.2.1

Fifth Version 5.1.1

Sixth Version 6.1.6

Seven Version 7.1.2

Eight Version 8.4.2

Ninth Version 9.3.5

Tenth Version 10.3

As the latest version of ios 10.3, here we will tell you about the different features.

New iOS software updates features:

Here are the new ios software updates features includes, check it out.

Find My AirPods:

Furthermore, If you want to use find my AirPods, it’s a feature just like the track my iPhone. AirPod users can use the new tool to make the earbuds blast a loud sound, this feature is only worked the last iPhone or iPod which is last connected.



iCloud calls for Verizon:

However, The new ios software update feature is now with the latest update; iPhone subscribers on Verizon now answer or make a call if your phone is connected to cloud. Once permit, Verizon customers can accept a call on their Macs, iPads, iPods or Apple Watches, even if their iPhone isn’t nearby.



iCloud storage:

Now, with the new ios software update, once you go to the cloud setting here you can find the complete storage, this section gives you the graphical breakdown of how much storage you have already used.



Podcasts widget:

Moreover, With the latest ios software update, you can now add a widget for Podcasts to your search display.



One-handed iPad keyboard:

With this new ios software update, apple added the third keyboard for iPad users, this will help you to type easily with a single hand.



Apple File System:

iOS 10.3 switches iPhone and iPad users to the Apple File System. That provides stronger encryption and it is fully optimized.



Car Play:

With this iOS 10.3 latest update switches were made to the CarPlay user interface. Three icons which appear on the left side shows you the most recently used apps.



Hope you like the features of new iOS software update- Extensive features available here to explore, for more details and latest iPhone update visit our website, Latest Mobile.


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