New iMessage Hack Lets You Crash Friends’ iPhones Via Text Message

iMessage is basically an instant message sending the application which is developed by Apple Inc. iMessage allows users to sent a text message, photos, videos, and audio messages.

You can even personalize your messages with animated effects, iMessage apps, and more all within the Messages app.

iMessage supported these operating system iOS, MacOS, watchOS.

A new immoral text message has found, this has the power to crash iPhone, and its application although those running the latest iOS 10.

As an option of utilizing smeared links or alarming content like past iMessage hacks,

This new one permits assailants to disable a man’s Messages application by basically sending an extensive contact record.

At the point when iPhone clients tap on the record, it’s so huge and muddled that it overburdens the operating system and accidents the application.


Watch how to hack iPhone-iMessage:

iPhone and iPad users on iOS 8 to iOS 10.2.1 are helpless against the assault.

The most exceedingly terrible part of the hack is that it’s difficult to settle unless you know precisely what to do.

Rebooting your iPhone or stopping the Messages application won’t resolve the issue.

This new iMessage application is developed by Vincedes, they created a solution to fix iPhones which is hacked.

Of course, it’s easy to share a large amount of contact with their friends.

And even your friend doesn’t know your intention as well. Here’s how you can hack and fix it.

  • First, you have to download the contact file.
  • Secondly, upload that contact in dropbox.
  • Share that file to whom you want to be hacked or to be the victim, share through iMessage.
  • Wait for the victim to tap on it and their Message app will freeze.
  • To fix the app watch this video



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