My phone is running slow what can I do?

Now in this technology era, majority mobile phone users are using Smartphone. It is because it gives us so many features and provides ease of use, the majority user problem which we find out is; their phone is running slow, so for this issue we bring up a solution for the user. In this tutorial of us we will tell you about how to get rid of this issue “phone is running slow”.

A step of “phone is running slow what can I do”?

Check it out the complete procedure of my phone is running slow what can I do?

Step 1: First and the best solution is to restart your device. This process clears the cache.



Step 2: Second thing; close the entire task that are running in your phone.



Step 3: Then, you need to factory restore your phone; this will surely help you out.



Step 4: For factory reset, you need to go to setting first. (Note: when you are going to reset your phone if you don’t want to lose your contacts and cell data only reset settings)



Step 5: Then there you find, then there you find backup and reset.



Step 6: Over there, click on factory data reset.

Hoping your problem is solved now after reading this tutorial, for feedback and for the latest Smartphone visits our website Latest Mobile.


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