Mobiles with Fingerprint Scanner- make you phone more secure?

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Mobiles with fingerprint scanner are known around the world, the technology comes in the year of 2011 that time people are not familiar with these fingerprint scanner, the first two companies that first implemented this mobile with fingerprint scanner are Nokia in Atrix 4G and iPhone 5s. As we can say that this is the history of Mobiles with the fingerprint scanner.

Now, these fingerprint comes in the category of biometrics we, here we first tell you about what is biometrics system.



What is biometrics system?

It is a system in the technologically which is used to take the biological data of a person, as these biological data is used to identify the person efficiently and uniquely.

These biometrics systems and biological data include:

  • Fingerprint or thumb impression.
  • Voice recognition.
  • Face recognition.
  • Iris or eye retina.
  • Lip gesture recognition.



As our topic is base on fingerprint so in this blog post of us we will only discuss what is Fingerprint, Fingerprint scanner.

What is Fingerprint, Fingerprint scanner?

As we all know that the impression that we have on our fingers and thumb are uniquely identified so we use these impression to uniquely identify someone’s and now a days we use for the purpose of security. And the device which we use to capture those Fingerprint is called or known as Fingerprint scanner.

The three basic patterns of fingerprint ridges:


The ridges enter from one side of the finger, the rise in the center forming an arc, and then exit the other side of the finger.


The ridges enter from one side of a finger, form a curve, and then exit on that same side.


Ridges form circularly around a central point on the finger.



Types of mobile Fingerprint scanner:

Here are the three types of mobiles fingerprint scanner, check below.

  • Optical scanner.
  • Capacitive scanner.
  • Ultrasonic scanner.

Optical scanner:

These are the older type of scanners, as the name suggested it capture the image of the fingerprint and then use it, it is 2D and cost effective. So on a cheap smartphone, they use an optical scanner in mobile with the Fingerprint scanner.

Capacitive scanner:

The most commonly used of the fingerprint scanner is the capacitive scanner. Again the name gives away the core component, it uses the capacitor to capture the prints rather than capturing the image of the fingerprint.

Ultrasonic scanner:

It is the recent fingerprint scanning technology that is used to enter the Smartphone space is an ultrasonic sensor, it actually captures the details of a fingerprint, the hardware of this scanner depends on both an ultrasonic transmitter and a receiver.

How mobiles with fingerprint scanner work:

There are the three functions of how mobiles with fingerprint scanner work, these are listed below.

  • Enrollment
  • Searching
  • Verification


Enrollment is the important part, on the fingerprint scanner; you need to enroll the correct fingerprints. Enrollment Captures fingerprint from the sensor plays an important role.


As the name suggested that the searching is the technique which is used to search out the fingerprint that you have already enrolled it.


Here in verification, it checks both the user input and the enrolled fingerprints once it is matched it is verified.



Algorithms which used to scan fingerprint:

There are machine learning algorithms these compare previously stored trained data of fingerprints against candidate fingerprints for authentication purposes.

  • Pre-processing
  • Pattern based


In this process helped to enhance the quality of an image by filtering and removing preventable noises. The minutiae based algorithm only worked effectively in the 8-bit grayscale fingerprint image.

Pattern based:

It depends on the algorithms, This involves that the images can be aligned in the same orientation. To do this, the algorithm finds a central point in the fingerprint image and centers on that.



Top 10 High-end mobiles with Fingerprint scanner 2017

Phone Name


Galaxy S7, S7 Edge 450, 550 USD
Google Pixel XL 900 USD
LG G5 400 USD
Xiaomi MI5 300 USD
One plus 3, Oneplus 3T 300, 500 USD
ZTE Axon 7 400 USD
Meizu Pro 6 Plus 500 USD
HTC 10 450 USD
Sony Xperia XZ 550 USD
Let Le Max 2 300 USD

At last -Future of fingerprint scanner smartphone:

As the fingerprint scanner is very good for the security purpose, and best for local security, but a two-factor authentication is a good option with fingerprint along with pin/password.

In upcoming years as we have seen the technology is growing so fast, the phone technology is also growing rapidly so I think the upcoming phones comes with the iris scanner or lip gestures because these two are highly secure and nobody hacks it.



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