iPhone 8 huge reveled and how apple eliminate home button.

iPhone is the big brand, now apple wants to change their iPhone and this iPhone design and functionality that Apple will call it the iPhone 8. As iPhone said to feature an edge to edge display, the iPhone 8 will likely smash and restore faith in Apple’s ability to innovate. Here in this article, we will more discuss iPhone 8 huge revealed and how apple eliminates home button.

iPhone 8 features an specification:

In this post, we will discuss the leaks related to iPhone 8. We discuss the display and the design of iPhone 8, which everyone is looking for.



Display of iPhone 8:

Talking about iPhone 8 display is the same as we have in iPhone 7.

As many of us know that the iPhone 7 has 5.15-inches of a usable display, so now with iPhone 8 you can do much more.

iPhone 8’s OLED display won’t edgeless as there will be extremely thin on the sides and top of the device.

The home button of iPhone 8:

Home button in iPhone 8 might be eliminated, many questions arises related to touch id or home button.

Many have suggested that Apple may integrate a Touch ID sensor onto the iPhone 8 display itself.

About battery:

The battery of new iPhone is much longer than iPhone 7 because of using OLED display this allows the user to save battery and a more power efficient option than the current LCD screens currently found on Apple’s iPhone 8 and for more upcoming.

The price of this new iPhone:

As it is not confirmed or it is not officially announced by the company, but as many rumors are rolling in, so the latest iPhone 8 will have cost around above $1000.

Many iPhone lovers love to pay extra for new and latest design of iPhone 8.

Many of you are much excited after reading this article related to upcoming iPhone 8; I phone you like this for more information visit our website.



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