Insecure WhatsApp data: SC notice to Facebook, Centre

Whatsapp is the messaging application as we all know and facebook is the largest social media platform. We have found the security issue in these two.

So the Supreme Court on Monday takes a response from both the Centre WhatsApp and as well Facebook over non-security of data and conversations on WhatsApp.

Non-security of Facebook and WhatApp




A request before the court said that there is no security of user data on both Facebook and WhatsApp which is the contravention of law according to the Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.

As we all know 157 million users of WhatsApp and Facebook and that’s why the service provided them should be open utility service.

Once these two applications are categorized as a public utility service the administration have to take care of the personal data which is on both the applications whats app and facebook.

The authority further said that the Facebook and WhatApp ought to take care on par with telecom service giver who faces termination of licenses if users are a spy upon. The SC has required an answer from the Centre of the WhatsApp and facebook in two weeks.

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