How you can store your data on cloud?

Data is very important,  data includes your pictures, important files, videos and even your contact. For suppose if you lost your phone, in that case, you lose your data which is very crucial for you. Now here we have very good and amazing application that allows you to save your data to the cloud and when you need it you can easily get it back.

Steps to How you can store your data in the cloud:

Here in this article, we will tell you how you can easily save your data in the cloud. Here is the full guideline to store your data in the cloud.

First, you need to open your phone.




Then go the Google play an android store for the different application.



Over there you have to search out dropbox.



Download and installed the dropbox application.



Then open the dropbox application.Sign up into dropbox.



Then you have to fill the form, and click on create an account. If you have already left it.



Then accept the term and condition, and click on I agree. And ok on continue.Then you can find the plus + sign on the screen, click on that.



Once you click on that it shows you multiple options like upload file, photos and much more.



In this way, you can easily upload files. I hope you like this application and now you don’t need to worry about the data it is secure now and you can easily access it from anywhere.


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