How you can read book in your smartphone?

Fond of books but you don’t have much time to read out the book and go to books store to buy books and your favorite novels as well. Google Play Books is Google’s store for buying books. You can search through titles, and then download them to read. You can also buy books as well. here in this article, we will tell you about Google Play Books.

Steps how you can read the book on your smartphone:

Google Play Books is an online platform to buy different books you can also download books for free as well. here we will tell you the complete steps how you can read the book through Google Play Books.

First, you need to go to home screen.




Then go to Google play app store.



Then search out the application bookshelf.



Download the  Bookshelf.



Then open Bookshelf on your smartphone.



then you have to register yourself.



Then over there search books, and download books as well.

The style of the books is so good and easily understandable. You can also upload your file and view it through this application.

I hope your book reading problem is solved now and now you are happy with this application, for more information and hit updates visit our website latest mobile.


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