How to zoom in the tiny text?

Using smartphone provides you so many amazing features, if you are using Smartphone sometimes you find things so small appear on the screen. Plain and simple. Now there’s a feature you can enable to allow you to get a zoom in of things on your Android’s screen.

Steps to zoom in the tiny text:

Androids also let you use certain gestures to zoom in anywhere on the screen. To do this, you’ll need to enable the Touch zoom function. Here we will tell you how to zoom in the tiny text.

First, open your smartphone.



Then go to on the main screen.



Next, go to the settings.



Over there you accessibility.



Click on that, find the options toggle the Touch zoom on and you’re ready to start zoom-in.



Now if you find something too small on the screen, you want to zoom in on a tiny detail, you just need to tap on the screen three times in a row.

I hope you like this tutorial and now you won’t faced tiny text issue, for more details visit our blog and for the latest update.


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