How to Use your iPhone as a Hotspot?

We all are starving for the wifi, whether at the airport or in any restaurant our even if you somewhere out like on beach stuff or more even in your relative or friends home .but if you have cellular connection on your iPhone, the same isn’t for your laptop or your tablet. Amazingly you can share your iPhone’s cellular connection with your laptop by making it as a hotspot, your query is how, here in this post we will tell you about how to Use your iPhone as a Hotspot.

Steps of how to Use your iPhone as a Hotspot:

Here are the complete steps of How to Use your iPhone as a Hotspot, check it out.


First of all you need to go to the setting first.




Then, over there you can find “personal hotspot”, click on it.




Slide the Personal Hotspot switch to the on position.




If you need a password for the Wi-Fi network you’re creating, tap Wi-Fi Password. 




Enter a password of at least eight characters.




Click on done.



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