How to use whatsApp without having Phone number?

Whatsapp is the most used application throughout the world, WhatsApp is used to send a message now you can also do a video call with WhatsApp.

Now WhatsApp is more secure because it provides end to end encryption which is very good, now you don’t need to worry about your messages and pictures.

Another new feature in WhatsApp that is two-verification this also increases the security in WhatsApp.

Here in this article, we will tell you how to use Whatsapp without having a Phone number.

Steps how to use Whatsapp without having a Phone number:

First, you need to download third party application. That is primo download and installed this application from google play store and from iTune.

 Primo is a VOIP app which is used for insertion calls across the globe. However, we’ll need it only for generating a virtual US phone number.



Install Primo and open it. Then you need to create an account on Primo.



Need to register your username and email id to sign up. Further, you will be required to verify your email id.



Need to register your phone number on Primo and verify it. But we won’t be used for WhatsApp.



After verifying, now go to left and select, ”add Phone Number”.



After doing this primo will quickly generate a US number for you, which you used for WhatsApp.



Open WhatsApp and register your number.



Now you have to select country US in WhatsApp.



You won’t be able to receive the OTP. But don’t worry very soon; you’ll receive an error message saying “We couldn’t send an SMS to your number. Please check your number and try again in 1 hour”.

Now just tap on the “Call me”.

Soon you’ll receive a call from WhatsApp containing the five-digit OTP. But make sure that you’re connected to the internet for receiving this call.

Provide the five-digit OTP, you’ll have a WhatsApp account without using your Phone number or SIM card.

Here are many other methods as well but these are not proper and maybe you faced some issues in that, I hope you find it informative and for more information and latest updates about phones visit our website.



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