How to use starred messages in whatsapp?

Whatsapp is basically a communication tool through which we can communication, but it has so many different features for the users, like you can make a call, you can tag someone, you can also make video call, you can update status or there is another option for you to starred messages in whatsapp, but many people don’t know what is starred message feature, it works like bookmarking, once you click on starred message it make another folder of that starred content. So when you need to access them you can easily do it, here in this post we will tell you about how to use starred messages in whatsapp.

Steps of how to use starred messages in whatsapp:

Here are the complete procedures of how to use starred messages in whatsapp.


First, of all you need to open your phone.




Then you need to open a whatsapp in your phone.




Once you open a whatsapp, after that go the chat.




Next, you can select the message, text or any link as well over there.




Once you select, it shows you a star or the upper side in the green menu bar.




Click on it, to starred the message.



Hoping that you got what is starred message, and how to use starred message feature, for more information and latest iPhone visits Latest Mobile.


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