How to use see first feature on facebook- which you wish to

Facebook is the most commonly used application throughout the nationwide. Whenever you like a page on Facebook you have essentially choose in to receiving updates or posts from that page in your Newsfeed. Unfortunately, Facebook has slowly been making changes over time to reduce the chance that you actually end up seeing these posts.

Luckily being a user of facebook there are a few things you can do to improve the chances of the posts showing up in your news feed.

How can you use “see first” feature on Facebook:

Here we will tell you about How to uses “see  first” feature on facebook- which you wish to.

When you select a person or Page, their posts appear at the top of your News Feed. The person or Page won’t know you selected them.

If you’re not already following the profile or Page, click Follow near their cover photo.



First, go to the profile.



There you find the following option.



Click on the following, there you find “see first” option.



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