How to use secret conservation on Facebook?

As we all uses facebook, we also chat on facebook. We share lots of personal information on facebook message as well.

For that facebook now allows you to send encrypted message that means facebook now provides end to end encryption.

it’s a very good thing now the message you share with your friends or even to your family is not shown to anyone else not even facebook.

Secret conservation in facebook, the messages that you send in secret conversations are deliberate just for you and the other person, or anyone else.

Steps to use this secret conservation on facebook:

Here are the steps to use this secret conservation on facebook, we will tell you the complete guideline in this article.

First, make sure that you have the latest version of Facebook Messenger app.



Further, open Facebook Messenger.

Then Tap the ‘i’ icon that you see on top right corner.



moreover, Select Secret Conversation from the options.



Then over there, choose ‘Turn On‘.




In this way you enable this new outstanding feature, now you can secretly chat with whom you want.

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