How to use Google hangout on android device?

Just like WhatsApp, we have another amazing best app provided by Google named as a hangout. It is a very good application. Google substitute Google talk to Google Hangouts. With Google Hangouts you can also make a Video Call with one click. Google Hangouts is an instant messaging and video chat platform developed by Google.

Hangouts app on Android devices

With Hangouts on Android devices, you can send messages and make video calls on multiple devices to multiple people. You can also share photos and your location with others.



Set up a Google account:

To use Hangouts on your phone, you’ll need a Google account. But to use Hangouts on your computer, you have to sign up for a Google+ account. Then you can use Hangouts with Google+.

Use with multiple devices:

Hangouts are synced automatically across devices, so you can start a Hangout on your Android device and continue, like your computer. Remember that you need a Google+ account to use Hangouts on other phones.

Send SMS and Hangouts messages:

You can start a Hangout with just one person or multiple people. If someone is unavailable, the person will see the message when he or she returns. You can also send text messages using Hangouts and your cell phone number.

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