How to use android apps on chrome book?

Android…!!! We listen to this word so many times in our daily life. It is because we used to of this word, So if we go on details about android there are so many features in an android phone, the most important part of the android phone is their android apps. The most wanted thing in any smart device.

Android apps are always available on Google play store because the android operating system is powered by Google so you can easily find the android apps in so many devices, but here we will talk about chrome book. As you need chrome book is powered by OS. So, good news for the chrome book user, now they can also avail android apps.



As Google has announced that chrome book is now having an access of Google play store so now they can also enjoy different android apps on a chrome book.

Here in this post of our team, we will try to tell you the complete procedure of How to use android apps on chrome book; it is the very easy going process. You need to concentrate on which we are going to tell you.

The method of How to use android apps on chrome book:

Go through the process of how you can use android apps on a chrome book.


First, make sure that you have the updated the chrome book software, Your Chromebook must have Chrome OS version 53+. 



On a very first, what you have to do is, you need to visit the” Chrome OS’s settings”, over there you can find an option of” about Chrome OS”, you have to hit it. 




Once you hit it off on” about Chrome OS”, then you find another selection of” More info”, hit it off. After going into” More info” option. Then click, on “Change channel”.Then, you need to switch to the “Developer” channel. 


It shows you a dialogue box, but it worth nothing the dev channel is for the user.




After performing above procedure, click on “Restart to update” button in the status area, so click on it to restart your Chromebook.  After that, you will be able to see the Google Play Store icon on the bottom icon bar. 


Then, you need to click on the Google play store. Go to the setting and check the box next to “Enable Android Apps to run on your Chromebook”.




Make sure you have Google account so you need to sign in.



Now after doing all this you are able to download the different application on a chrome book.

See the screen short below:



here now you can use Facebook, Skype, and Games on a chrome book.



Screen shot of skype on a chrome book.



I hope now you are able to use android apps on chrome book and you know the process as well, for further updates regarding Latest iPhone Listing visit our website, Latest Mobile

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if you are still confused on “How to use android apps on chrome book” see the video below.



if you need to see the process on slide share click on it.


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