How to track your iPhone using find my iphone?

Sometimes we forgot where we placed our phone, but if you’re using iPhone you can easily find your phone by using this feature find my iphone. Here in this article, we will tell you how you can find your iphone. In order to locate your iPhone the next time you misplace it, you’ll use the Find My iPhone application or feature.

Steps to track your iphone using find my iPhone

Open the iCloud site.

 You can get to the iCloud site from any web application.

 You should sign in with your Apple ID and secret password.

When you are signed into iCloud, you will be given a few choices.



Open Find My iPhone.

You need to enter your Apple ID password again.

This will open a map interface. The map will load once a device has been located.

On the other side, you can go directly to the Find My iPhone site by visiting




Pull up a list of your iDevices.

 Click the Devices button in the top-left corner to open a list of all the devices that you have registered with Find My iPhone.

Select the device that you want to find to open the options.

A green dot next to a device point out that the device is online.

A gray dot tells that it is offline.

Find my iPhone will display your device’s last known location for 24 hours.



Play a sound on the lost device. If the device is near to you, you can easily find it.



Turn on Lost Mode. If your phone is lost, you can start the Lost Mode process by tapping on the button.

You can stop Lost Mode by either entering the passcode on the phone.

 By clicking Stop Lost Mode in Find My iPhone on icloud.



 However, erase your iPhone.

If you think that your phone is stolen or lost, you can remotely erase all of the data on your iPhone by clicking on Erase iPhone button on icloud.



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