How to test CPU usage on mobile devices?

If you want to analyze why your phone is slowing down and you want to see the CPU usage on mobile devices.  CPU Monitor Advanced Lite will even automatically start recording information when an application exceeds the set thresholds for CPU over a specified time interval. Here in this tutorial we will tell you about how to test CPU usage on mobile devices.

Steps of How to test CPU usage on mobile devices:

Here are the steps of how to test CPU usage on mobile devices.


First, you need to open your phone.




Then, you need to open Google play application.




Then, search out “CPU Monitor”.




You need to download and install it.




Open this application and use it.



Working of this application:

This application can start taking snapshot capture of what processes are running.

This application shows you a graph for the memory and the battery drain.

This application also allows you to kill the processes which are running in the background.

Hoping your issue is resolved, now you know how to test CPU usage on mobile devices. For latest iPhone update visits our website Latest Mobile.


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