How to takeout print from your Android phones?

Many times we have important documents in our phones and we want to take out the print out of that document. This is the very crucial thing that many of us don’t know how to take out from our android phones. People asked me about that so for those we will let them know How to take out print from your Android phones.

Steps How to take out print from your Android phones:

Here are the complete steps of How to take out print from your Android phones, check out below.

First, you need to go to the Google Play Store.

Next, make sure that the HP Print Service Plugin is installed or not.



Then, Enable Plug-in. New install: click on the notification to enable. Previously installed: Go to Printing settings in your mobile settings to enable.



Then, toggle on HP Print Service Plugin and your phone is now enabled or not.



After that, open the photo or page you need to print, click on the menu icon and select ‘Print’.



Moreover, select your printer.



Click on the print button to print.



I hope you understand now and you don’t have any query related to this tutorial, give us your feedback on the comment box below the post.


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