Whatsapp is a messaging application that allows user to chat with friends and family. it is a cross-platform application, that allows user to communicate over internet or Wi-Fi without paying for SMS. with whatsapp gives two choices to clients who wish to spare their visit history: making a WhatsApp backup of it or sending out it as a .txt document that can be sent over email.

This article will demonstrate you both techniques.

Whatsapp backup for Android user:



  • First, you need to download WhatsApp.
  • Then accept term and condition.
  • After that go to on settings, tap setting on the menu.
  • Then tap on chat setting.
  • Then select backup conservation.
  • Go to your chats screen.
  • Tap and hold on a conversation or group conversation you would like to send.
  • Select “Email conversation,” and decide whether you’d like to send the media as well.
  • An email will be composed with your chat history attached as a .txt file.

Whatsapp backup on Apple devices:



  • Whenever you are taking backup in the iphone, your WhatsApp backup as well.
  • To reestablish your talk history, you’ll have to reestablish the whole WhatsApp backup.
  • which include your settings and information for whatever is left of your phone and its applications.

Another method of backup:

  • Launch WhatsApp and go to Settings >> Email Conversation.
  • From the Chat History screen, select the conversation you would like to save.
  • Decide whether you want to email the history with or without the media.
  • Type in an email address and press Send.

Whatsapp backup on windows phone:



  • Start the WhatsApp and open main chat screen.
  • Tap on the three dots which appears on the right side in the menu.
  • Go to Settings >>Chat Settings>> Backup.

Another method:

  • Launch WhatsApp and open the conversation you wish to send.
  • Tap the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Then go to Info >> Email Chat History.

In this way you can take backup of your chat, we hope that this article will help you out.


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