How to tag on the whatsapp group chat

Whatsapp, as we all know, is an instant messaging application that allows the user to send a message, voice note, call, video call and lots more. You can also make groups in WhatsApp and chat with your friends. If you are added to WhatsApp group you know that how these group chat annoyed you by continuously buzzing with a message.

It is previously possible in the group to chat to mute the conversation, but with this coming feature by WhatsApp that allows you to tag someone will do the same.

This amazing update has been added to both the iOS and Android version of WhatsApp.

In any group chat, you can now tag anyone in the group, by writing ‘@’ plus their name.

This will send a notification to their device, even if they have muted the group.

If you still not avail this feature we will tell you how you can tag someone on the WhatsApp group chat.

Steps to tag on the WhatsApp group chat.

Here are the steps that will show you the process of tagging someone.

First, you need to open a WhatsApp.



Then go to the group chat which you want.



Over there you need to write ‘@‘ followed by their name in the message field and hit send.



furthermore, After writing @ it will show you the group member’s names click on the name of the member(s) you would like to tag.

Press ‘Send’ and a notification will be sent to tagged members.



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