Snapchat as the name suggested it is a picture messaging application; which allows a user to take the picture and apply different filters, text, and art on it and share with friends. Snapchat is the fun loving application, it gives you a great way to keep in a touch with your friends. Because the video and pictures that you send to them are only viewed by once and after 10 seconds it will disappear.

So people get careless about their picture, so they have to keep the things in their mind so that they can easily stay safe on snap chat while enjoying on it.

In this post we will completely guide you about how to stay safe on snap chat, this will help you in future to keep your photos or profile secure and safe on snap chat.



stay safe on snap chat-upload appropriate photos:

what do you think about snap chat photos?  Are these pictures really deleted…!!! The false assumptions that we do have are the pictures which we uploaded on snap chat is automatically deleted from there.

But we already have smart minds and we learned that how to take screen shots of those pictures instantly. It because we know that these pictures are automatically removed after few seconds.

So we personally recommend you to take appropriate photos on snap chat so that nobody can take advantages of these photos.

Make sure don’t send your pictures to your friends on private.

In this way, you can keep yourself stay safe and secure on snapchat.

stay safe on snapchat-keep it your pictures private:

Another thing about the pictures is to keep your pictures only on friends, make sure you have already imposed limits on your pictures so that not everybody in your profile will see the picture.

It is important to understand that the youngster’s friendship is not actually that, what we seem to.

If you are allowing people who are not even your friends to send and receives photos, that means you are putting yourself at soaring danger. In future, they will cheat you and use your data as a threat.

stay safe on snapchat- make your profile private:

Another important thing you need to keep in your mind to stay safe on snapchat, is to make your profile private.

If you need to make your profile private you need to follow these steps.

Step 1:

First of all, you need to access the snapchat.



Step 2:

then you need to open the main menu.

Then you need to click on the snap chat icon on the upper side.



Step 3:

On the corner side, you can find setting option hit on it.



Step 4:

Go to who can…. There you find contact me.



Step 5:

Click on Contact Me, there you can find two options friends or everyone. Hit it off on “friends”.



Steps 6:

Go to who can…. There you find view my story.



Step 7:

There you can find two options friends or everyone. Hit it off on “friends”, if you want to specify the people to view your story hit off ” custom”.




So in this way none other person is able to contact you or won’t be able to see your pictures.

Hope you got this How to stay safe on snapchat, and if you have any query do ask us, and for latest iPhone listing visit our website Latest Mobile.

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