How to solve turnoff screen issue while charging?

When you plug your phone with Charger, your phone screen automatically turned off. If you are facing turn off screen issue while you are charging your phone, and you just pissed off with this problem. Many of us are facing the same issues so for that here in this post we will tell you about How to solve turn off screen issue while charging. Check out the complete steps in detail.

Steps How to solve turn off screen issue while charging:

Here is the complete guideline for how to solve turn off issue while charging you are a phone.

First, you need to open your open.



Therefore, to recover this you need to go to the Settings



 Then go to Applications



Next, go to Development and tick the ‘Stay awake’ option to keep the screen on when charging.

This is the very simple technique I hope you got this, for more queries like this visit our form, and for latest mobile specification visit our site latest mobile.


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