How to solve google play error?

If you are using android device google play is the hub of all the application that you want to download on your phone. If you need to download android apps to android mobile from google play store and you are facing the error like not downloading, so this is a serious problem.

When you can’t download android apps, you can’t do anything in android mobile. Here in this tutorial, we will tell you How to solve google play error.

Steps How to solve google play error:

You need to remove and add your Google Account, Removing it and add your account can solve your problems within minutes.



Next, you can Clear the data and Cache of Google Play store and Services. This will fix your problem.



If the problem still pursues then you need to head over Google Play store in “Apps” and then select the option of “Uninstall updates.



I hope you got it, and now you are not facing this issue. For more updates visit our website latest


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