How to Sign Up For Apple’s Beta Release?

Apple as we all know that Apple is a big brand, as the user trusted Apple they bought their gadgets.

But the Apple user those who are using iPhone, iPod, and iPad so many users experienced battery exhausting issues after they are updating their devices to iOS 10.

The Apple is still not able to resolve this battery draining issue, as this issue is very curial and Apple has to solve it as soon as possible.

The most recent version of the iOS 10 is the iOS 10.2, originated in this month.

Named the “30% bug,” the issue happens at whatever point an iPhone redesigned to iOS 10 achieves the 30% battery charge check then, bites the dust out of the blue.


Apple declared that they have the problem:

Apple admitted that they have the problem in their recent operating system that is iOS 10.2.

As they have already battery issue in iOS 10.

After their hit iOS, 10.2 the battery went worst to worst.

The battery draining issue is increased after this iOS 10.2.

Apple recognized that there is, in reality, a battery issue yet constrained it to only a bit group of iPhone 6s. The company additionally said there is no sign that the issue was extensive and that it included other iPhone models.

What Apple is making to resolve this battery issue?

It has a battery diagnostics tool that was excluded in the discharge notes for iOS 10.2.

which could help the company analyze and settle the issue unequivocally?

The individuals who have agreed to the device can uninhibitedly send information to Apple.

which will help the company make sense of the main driver of the issue.

Early beta analyzers of the iOS 10.2.1 likewise have a positive reaction to what the product overhaul did on their phone’s battery life.

How to Sign Up For Apple’s Beta Release?

The beta version is only for those who are registered in Apple’s Beta Software Program.

The Apple has been obscure on what the product upgrade will convey to the gadgets.

There is no official word yet on when the iOS 10.2.1 will be released to the general people.

Ideally, it will be sooner than later with the goal that user will know without a doubt if the redesign will bring a quite require settle.

 Something else, this will just hose excitement for the forthcoming arrival of the iPhone 8.


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