How to Set Up Google Play Games in your Android Smartphone?

If you loved to play different games on your Smartphone, then this Google play games application is best for you, it allows you to send challenges and much more. With this gaming application you can play game professionally on your Smartphone.

To play the game by using this application, you need to set up Google Play Games in your Android Smartphone.

Here in this post we will guide you how to set Up Google Play Games.

Steps of how to Set Up Google Play Games in your Android Smartphone:

Here are the complete steps of “Set up Google Play Games “in android phone.

Steps 1: First of all, go to the Google Play Store.



Steps 2: Search the name ‘Google Play Games’ on the Play Store.



Steps 3: Click on the ‘Google Play Games’, then, there you find the install it. 



Steps 4: Click on the ‘Install’ icon.



Steps 5: Accept the terms conditions by clicking on the Next button 



Steps 6: Finally, click Install.

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