How to set up Gmail on an iPhone?

Many people uses Gmail account, but the thing is if you are android it is easy for you to set up Gmail, but if you have an iPhone then it is bit tricky. The team of LatestMobile will going to teach you the complete method. Here in this post we will tell you about How to set up Gmail on an iPhone.

Steps of How to set up Gmail on an iPhone:

Here are the complete steps of How to set up Gmail on an iPhone, check it out.


First of all you need to open an app store.




Over there you need to search in the bottom-right part of the screen.





Then, search out the “Gmail app”.





Select this application, Then click on Get.




After that installed it, then click on “OPEN”.






Click on sign in.




Then over there you need to add your email account.




Then click on done.



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