How to send voice note on iPhone?

You can send or edit voice note through phone, iPhone gives you voice note application. This allows you to record and edit voice note. You can send this voice memo through message or you can send an email as well.

Steps to send voice note on iPhone:

First, open your iMessages application which is on your iPhone.

You can easily send a voice note to your iMessage contacts using this.



Open the conversation with anyone.

You’ll need to check the another iMessage user keeping in mind the end goal to send a voice note.


Check the messages in the discussion and then check the title bar.

 On the off chance that if it is green, you are not visiting by means of iMessage.

 On the off chance that it is blue, you will have the capability to send the voice note.

Long press on the microphone button.

This microphone button visible when another person is using iMessage.



Now, record your sound note while holding down the microphone button.

You’ll keep on recording for whatever time of frame that you’re holding the microphone.



Slide your finger up to the Send the sound note. This will instantly send the sound note to the next person, which you wish to send.



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