How to save battery power on an iPhone?

If you are using iPhone and you are facing battery draining issue, now you can minimize the battery draining by making small changes in the system setting. Here we will tell you how you can easily save battery power on an iPhone.

Tricks to save battery power on an iPhone

Here are few tricks which will help you to solve the battery draining issue.

Lower your brightness.

Once you lower your brightness you can find that this will definitely work.

Because a brighter screen requires more battery so lower the brightness.



Enable Low Power mode.

 Low Power mode will turn off background data for apps, mail fetch, and automatic downloads, and some visual effects.

This can help improve your battery life until you can get to a charger.




Turn off Bluetooth when you needn’t it.

At the point when Bluetooth is empowered, the radio is continually communicating, which can deplete your battery.



Set your screen to lock quicker.

Open the Settings app and select “General.”

Tap the “Auto-Lock” option and set a shorter time.




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