How to save battery on the android phone?

If you are using the android phone there must you find a battery issue, this because android phones provide so many features, this include WiFi, GPS, and limitless apps? So these applications eat lots of battery, there we discuss few thing how you can save battery.

Few things to save battery:

Go to settings first.



Keeps your phone on power saving.You have to do is swipe down from the top of the screen there you can find the menu. Scroll until you find the power saving option, then tap to select it.



If your wifi turns on every time, off that wifi from the main menu. By turn off the wifi, this will also help you to save battery. Once you required to use it turn it on.



Turn off any apps that you are not using. Closing the app by vital the back or home buttons is not enough; the app keeps on running in the background and causes draining battery power. You have to shut down those running application manually.



Keep your phone on standby mode when you are not using it. Simply press the power button and the display will darken. In this way, you can save battery.



Turn off the phone vibration function. Press the volume buttons up and down until you leave the vibrate mode. Keep your phone on general or sound. In this way, you can save battery as well.



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