How to recover deleted photos on Samsung?

Pictures are very important nowadays. We have taken so many selfies.As it regularly happens, you may coincidentally delete these valuable photographs.

You may have done as such while tinkering with your phone’s many elements or while you’re caught up with doing an excessive number of things without a moment’s delay.

Whatever the case, rest guaranteed that those photographs are not totally eradicated from your gadget’s memory. Actually, regardless they’re lying some place in your phone’s inside memory or in your SD card. Lose them, discover them, yet do make flurry!

Here we are discussing how you can easily recover those deleted photos on Samsung android phone.

These are some step through which you can recover deleted photos:

First method: recover photos from backup:



First, go to the back.

Check your SD Card, phone memory, Google Plus, and your photo apps.

Keep in mind that always takes a backup, so that you can get the deleted files easily.

An alternate method Just clicks on the backup file and select Restore.

This will get back your supposedly lost data.

Second method: Restoring Photos via Samsung Kies



  • Those deleted photographs may likewise be getting back through the Samsung Kies programming that you may have introduced on your PC as a backup.
  • On the off chance that you are to be sure utilizing Samsung Kies, then you can undoubtedly reestablish the backup.
  • Open Samsung Kies on your PC. Once you have click on the Backup/Restore tab appear near the Menu bar.
  • Click on “Restore Data.” It should be to the left of the screen.
  • Choose the photos to be restored. You will most probably see a whole lot of backup files over there. Just choose the file you want back from the drop-down list by clicking them off with check marks.
  • Launch on the “Restore” button. It can be on at the top-right portion of the software screen.
  • Click on the computer.
  • Then see a dialog box with “Restored Successfully”.
  • Your phone will restart.

 Third method: Restoring Photos via Android Data Recovery



  • If there’s no back accessible, you can, in any case, recoup the erased photographs locally utilizing the Android Data Recovery programming.
  •  now you simply download, introduce and run it.
  • Furthermore, android Data Recovery is accessible with the prospect of the complimentary trial for both Windows and Mac forms here:
  • It can be extremely helpful for recuperating any lost or erased information (and not simply photographs), and save them on your PC.
  • Connect your Samsung phone to PC.
  • Plug in the ends of the USB cable into your phone and into the USB port of your computer.
  • Empower USB debugging.
  • Once you’ve associated your phone and PC, the product will request that you ” Enable USB debugging ” according to the associated guidelines specific to your gadget’s OS.


  • In Android 2.3 OS and more established, tap on “Settings” and select “Applications.” Afterward, tap on ” Development,” and after that tick off USB Debugging.


  • Android 3.0 to 4.1 OS, tap on “Settings,” select ” Development Options,” and tick off “USB troubleshooting.”


  • For Android 4.2 OS or more current, tap on “Settings” and select “About Phone.”
  • Then tap on “build Number” seven circumstances or until the message “You are under designer mode” flies up.
  • About-face to Settings, select “Developer options,” and click off USB Debugging.
  • Give the product a chance to scan for deleted photographs.
  • Once the Android Data Recovery programming distinguishes your gadget, tap the green “Begin” catch, select “Scan for deleted files,” and you will get a message to choose “allow” to give the product a chance to break down and examine to delete photographs and information on your telephone.


  • On the screen that shows up after you tapped on “allow,” tick off the information sorts that you need to check, break down and recuperate. For instance, you can choose Gallery to filter, dissect and recoup photographs.


  • Restore the deleted photos. Click on the file which you want to restore by clicking on “Recover” button to save them on your PC.
  • The recovery process is completed, you can view the restored photos on your PC.


I hope this article will help you out when you are going to do this for further updates regarding technology and gadgets just go to our website latest mobile.


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