How to Protect My Privacy Online

How to protect my privacy online this mainly arises on latest mobile-the knowledge sharing forum here listed question is answer by our community in a creative manner.

Technology changes our lives totally, it changes everything our communication medium, our living style, our privacy each and everything is changed after the internet came into our lives.

Moreover it disturbed our privacy, as you know that if you go online that means you’re each and every activity is seen by everyone, so you are publicly known.



As this question is asked so many times in our online forum, so we decided to answer your question How to protect my privacy online. How you can lessen your footstep by using some tricks which we will tell you by thrashing your online activity from your Internet Service Providers. But on the other hand, you can not completely hide once you are using the internet. But you can reduce it by taking some precautions.

How to protect my privacy online:

In this section, we will tell you about how you can minimize your track, by taking certain precautions, How to protect your privacy online.

We will discuss these three content on our article.




By using virtual private network:

VPN are the router that is used to browse your traffic via server rather than using a local server. So this is not possible for the internet service provider to check your browsing history, so this is a good thing with this you are secure, here are the certain parameters you need to look for while using privacy network check out below.

  • On an HTTPS site.
  • Use virtual private network that allows multiple devices.
  • Download the VPN from official site



On an HTTPS site:

Never download any browser software from the site with having https, always look for HTTPS site, the nonsecure site allows a user to wrap your data.

Use virtual private network that allows multiple devices:

Just protecting things on your PC won’t work; use that virtual private network that allows multiple devices, like mobile devices android, iPhone, iPad, and tablet. You need to find that VPN network which supports all your devices and keeps make it protect.

Download the VPN from the official site:

Make sure the VPN you are using is sure, how you can make it clear that the VPN you are using is secure for you, so for that, you need to download the VPN from its official website so that it is secure and protect online your data.

How to protect privacy on social media:

The query is How to protect my privacy online, so Social media as you people aware of it, it is now a day’s very commonly used facebook, snapchat, Instagram, twitter these all are social media which we loved to use but we don’t know how much they harm our privacy and affect our data. You need to check these parameters which are given below.

  • Keep your all social media private.
  • View your profile from another account.
  • Limit your search.
  • Browse yourself.
  • Disable your location from social media.



Keep your all social media private:

The crucial thing is that you need to make your profile private on every social media, once you are private then only your added friends will see what you are doing on social media not other than that, so this makes you secure. You can set your privacy by navigating to the setting.

View your profile from another account:

Just to check what is hide or what other people see in your profile, you can view your profile from another account just to make sure the things are hidden or not.

Limit your search:

As social media platform allow us to limit the search, so this is a good thing you can prioritize your search in this way not everybody will search you out.

Browse yourself:

If you need to make sure that you are hiding from everywhere, just write your name on Google or any other social media, if your picture is private or even your profile so you can see your pictures on the search result.

Disable your location from social media:

You can disable your location from social media so in this way your location is not known to everybody if you posted on your location from social media so this is not secure, don’t do the location-based posting on facebook as they allow you.

How to protect privacy while browsing:

As the question is How to protect my privacy online? Here is another thing you need to keep in your mind. Once you are browsing something that means you are not protected, many browsers collect your data and many websites as well. Here are the few things which you need to know while browsing on the internet these parameters are given below.

  • Use a secure web browser.
  • Do not use the nonsecure web browser.
  • Users do not track options.
  • Install anti-tracking plug-in.



Use a secure web browser:

Many browsers are not secure for you; once you are browsing make sure it won’t keep your password or personal data. So in this way you can protect your privacy online.

Do not use the nonsecure web browser:

Avoid using the nonsecure web browser, if you use the nonsecure browser your data can be leaked like your password, pin, and any other personal data.

Users do not track options:

You need to use do not track your location options from the browser; go to browser setting there you can find this option turn it off. But don’t completely rely on it. but this can help you to keep yourself  protect and  privacy online

Install anti-tracking plug-in:

As there is an option in your browser as I already guide you, but don’t rely on it, a good option is to install anti-tracking plug-in. so that will keep your location secret.

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