How to mute some chat notifications on whatsapp?

Whatsapp an instant messaging application, it gives you so many features. That includes; you can make a call, you can send a voice note, you can share a picture, you can now update your status as well.  The important feature that many of us don’t know about it, that is a mute conversation. Once you mute someone’s chat it won’t give you a notification. This feature is best if you are in a different group. Here in this tutorial, we will tell you How to mute some chat notification on WhatsApp.

Steps How to mute someone’s chat on WhatsApp:

Here are the steps to How to mute someone’s chat on whatsapp, check out.

First, open your phone.



Then go to WhatsApp over there.



Then open the whatsapp application on your phone.Once you open it and then select any group or anyone.



Then go to its profile.There you find the mute.



So if you mute the notification toggle on.



In this way you can easily mute the notification, that notification makes your life terrible. So I hope you like it, for more queries visit our website.


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