How to move application on internal memory to SD card on android device?

Having so many Applications on your phone, and your phone is full of application and your memory is chock-full. If your phone is having the older version of android, so you can move apps to your SD card. Note: Most phones have Android 4.0 – 4.2 this will not allow you to move. Google has detached this feature from the operating system. It was allowed in 4.3, but only for particular phones.

Steps to move internal memory to SD card:

Open the setting, you can find setting options app drawer or from your phone’s Menu button.



Here you can find “application”, you have to go down to find that option.



Then, select app which you wish to move to SD card.

Here when you click on the application you can find a button “Move to SD Card”. Tap it to move the app.

If the button is grayed out, the app does not support moving to the SD card. If the button is missing your version of Android and your phone do not support moving apps to the SD card.



Remember, an app has to be specially intended to allow moved to an SD.



Download an application mover.

You can download applications, for example, Link2SD that will permit you to rapidly observe which of your applications can be moved to the SD card, however, these applications may even have the capacity to move applications that don’t ordinarily support being moved, however, this may bring about issues when you run them.

These projects are a great deal more compelling if your phone has been established.

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