How to manage files on android?

Being an android user there are many things to manage in Android phone, there are many files that are not shown to you, in this tutorial we comes up with the solution here we will tell you how you can manage files on android, there are many applications that are used to manage files or data on your android phones. We will tell you about the best application for this issue as well how you can manage files on android.

Steps of how to manage files on android:

Here are the steps of how to manage files on android, check it out.


First of all you need to open your phone.




Then you need to go to the “Google play application”.




Once you open a Google play application, Search out “ES file explorer”.

I recommend you to use “ES file explorer”, because it is the file manager. Majority use it.




Download and installed it.




Open this application, and start using it.


Features of this “ES file explorer”:

  • It is very user friendly application.
  • It also has features for shortcuts to quick access to bookmarks, tools, and network related tools.
  • It also has “Library” section that allows you to browse your images, music, movies, documents, and apps that are stored in your phone.
  • With this you can copy past multiple files on a single click.
  • With this you can search for local files.
  • You can also change the view of folder as well; with this you can rename the file or folder.


These are the very few feature of this application.


Hoping you like the features of this ES file explorer, for more information about applications and Mobile phone visits our official website Latest Mobile.


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