How to get whatsApp text status back?

Whatsapp is the communication tool through this you can easily chat with your friends and family. You can update statuses, you can send the voice note, and you can make a voice call and video calls on Whatsapp as well. Whatsapp has so many features like these.

whatsApp text status back:

Whatsapp a month ago came to the new feature that is status stories, by replacing the older text status.

WhatsApp Status gives the blessing to people life with the presenting the photos and videos based statuses, but this meant that the old whatsapp text status is replaced by the new one, which many people dislike it.



So that the problem comes and people want whatsApp text status back.

At least for a while, with users shriek for their old WhatsApp text status, whatsapp has finally brought it back, within a week of promising to do so.

However, this whatsApp text status back feature is only available for Android users, meanwhile iPhone users on WhatsApp will get it soon.

How to get WhatsApp text status back:

Here are the complete steps of how to get WhatsApp text status back.

Step 1:

First, you need to access the” phone”.



Step 2:

Then you need to the “Google play”.



Step 3:

Over, there you to search out” whatsapp”.



Step 4:

There you find the option of “update”.



Step 5:

Click on it to “update the application”.



How to use whatsApp text status back:

Here in this video post, we will tell you about how to use whatsApp text status back.

Step 1:

You need to go to the” whatsapp application”.



Step 2:

Then you need to “open up the whatsapp application”.



Step 3:

To change your WhatsApp text status, you need to click on the “three dots menu” on the top left.



Step 4:

After that, you need to go to the “setting”



Step 5:

 Then Click on the Profile Picture.



Step 6:

“about and phone number section”, you will see the old WhatsApp status option back. 



Step 7:

It shows you an old default option like ‘Available’, ‘Busy’, ‘At school’, ‘At the movies’, etc.



Step 8:

 Your contact list will be able to see the” Status message “by opening your contact.



Hope you like this tutorial How to get whatsApp text status back, for more information and latest Samsung visit our website Latest Mobile.

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