How to get the latest operating system on android?

Mostly people don’t about what is operating system; let me tell you about an operating system. The operating system is the system software that manages phones hardware as well as software. And provides common services. In the mobile Smartphone, according to third quarter 2016 analysis, Android by Google is dominant with 87.5 percent that is huge so far.

Latest operating system on android:

Android has so many versions from that time it came out to up till. These versions are mention below:

Petit Four is the first operating system which is launched by Google, and the latest the operating system on android is Android Nougat.

It is the latest version that is 7.0; Android Nougat has so many amazing features, in this post of us we will tell you about the features that are below:

Features latest operating system on android:

There are so many features but I am gonna tell you very few among them.

Split-screen apps:

Having the latest operating system on android, you can find a very useful feature that is you can split apps, most awaited features and people like it; it gives you an amazing UI.



Quick app switch:

Another feature that I m going to tell you is you can easily and quick app switch features. You need to open an overview interface to switch between apps, you can hit the overview button again to right away jump to the last app.



Power notifications:

This is an outstanding feature of the latest android operating system, now you have more power on notification, power notifications define the level. So it is easy for the user to select from it.



App Shortcuts:

This feature is only for the people who have android 7.1, you might don’t know this app shortcut feature but it there in your phone. You can use it but currently, it is for the pixel user, further, it will use globally.



Now I know you are more excited to use it, so we gonna tell you about how to get the latest operating system on android.

How to get the latest operating system on android:

Here we will tell you, what is the method to get the latest operating system on android? Check it out.


First, you need to check which version of Android that is running. You might already be on the latest version.


First, you need to access your phone, before starting the process.




Second thing you need to do is, to go the phone “setting application”




Once you go to the setting, there you find an “about device” option hit off.




Once you hit off the about device option, there you find the Software Update, click on it. 




It will search for the update then; if the update is available for you then it will start updating your operating system. 




Before doing the process, your phone is fully charged or your wifi is turn on.

Hope that you are aware of everything regarding latest operating system on android, for more queries and you need to Find Samsung Smartphone visit our website, Latest Mobile

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If you are still puzzled, and you don’t know what to do then we have a video below.



if you need to see the process on slide share Click on it.


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