How to get siri on iPhone 4or iPhone 3GS?

Siri is one of the most interesting and essential features in iPhone but in the new phones. If you have an older version so you don’t have Siri feature built in on phone. Here in this article, we will tell you how you can get Siri on an older version of iPhone.

Step to get Siri on iPhone 4or iPhone 3GS

Following are the steps to get Siri on iPhone 4or iPhone 3GS using jailbreaking option:

First, you have to jailbreak your phone.



Open Cydia. You will need to add the SiriPort repository before you can download it.

Go to Manage then over there you find Sources 

In the sources, you find Edit and then there you find Add option. Then over there type “” into the box that appears. Tap “Add Source”.



Then after all that you have to wait for the repository to be added. When it does, search for the “Siriport (original) iOS 6” package. Install it and reboot your iPhone.

 Here Open Settings on your iPhone. Move down awaiting you find the entry for Select this, and then click “Install Certificate”.



 Here is the package installed now Press and hold the Home button to start Siri.



I hope you find this tutorial interesting and informative if you want to ask further comment below.


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