How to create a reminder on android phone?

It is so difficult to keep all the things in your mind, if you are using the android phone then this task is not difficult now. You can set a reminder on different things like birthday, meeting and much more. In this article, we will discuss how you can create a reminder on android phone.

Steps to create a reminder on android phone:

Take out your phone in standby mode and navigate to the home screen. Your home screen is the place for many of the pre-installed apps on your phone.



Enter into the clock app and add an alarm. Open your clock by clicking it. The screen has tabs for alarms, a timer, a world clock, and a stopwatch. Select the “Alarms” tab and click on the plus symbol.



Enter your alarm information. Now you should see a list of different options that you can use to set your reminder. Input the time and day you want the phone to remind you. You can also give a short description about the reminder. By inserting the entire information, then click on the save option.



Then Check that your alarm is set or not, you can find your new alarm, in the list of reminder.


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